Jumping Through Realities To Find The Truth

Throughout my whole life before I found Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, I was jumping through realities to find the truth.

While I was sitting on the train this morning, suddenly I realized something. A thought came to my mind. I realized that when I finally found the truth, I already felt so worn out and overwhelmed.

As soon as I come out of my mother’s womb, I was a non-believer. My whole entire family was. No one believed in Jesus Christ.

But I knew all along, deep down, everything that was taught to me wasn’t the truth. I wasn’t convinced. But I went along with it because I knew that I had to stumble and fall before I find the treasure.

Now, what am I exactly talking about when I said that I was jumping through realities to find the truth? 

As you and I know this in..

John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. 

.., for me it wasn’t easy to just accept Christ as the truth.

It’s even harder for me to accept Him at that time, since everyone around me was criticizing Him and the LORD.

Finding The Truth Required Me To Walk On A Difficult Road

When I say ‘jumping through realities’, what I meant is changing your outlook and perspective on life. How you behave and treat yourself stems from what you believe in.

I was constantly changing my perception on life as I try to find the truth. Of course, that meant making stupid mistakes is inevitable.

Life As An Atheist

As I grew up, I started to lose all faith in a God. I thought to myself why would God make people suffer? Why is this happening?

But I realized soon after that…we are always blaming God, but never really question Satan on most of the problems here on Earth that he caused.

Have you ever felt this way growing up? You start to doubt everything around you. Instead of strengthening your relationship with the LORD, you indulge in your worldly desires.

I was in that state for most of my life. Full of pride and arrogance, I thought I was wise. Wise to think that there is NO GOD or Creator AT ALL.

As a result, my bleak reality was formed. Since I didn’t believe in a God, I had nothing to rely on but myself.

Now, at this point of time, I didn’t really care about myself (my own personal well-being) that much. I was on a committing sins spree, indulging in the flesh and worldly things.

Obsessed with only facts, logic, analytics, data and evidence, my heart grew harder. Like I mentioned previously, I was full of pride, thought that I knew MORE than most people. 

But I was never happy. Peace and a sense of purpose was non-existent in my life as an atheist.

My reality as an atheist is like this: If there is no solid evidence, I don’t want it. I also tend to avoid people who I considered “religious”. At that time, I thought to myself that these religious people were NUTS.

Are you guilty of this? 

On the outside I looked like I knew everything and was under control of everything. Life seemed great on the outside but my soul was decaying day by day.

I had no faith! Where do I turn to? Where would YOU turn to if you were me?

Turning to man for wisdom and some kind of advice on life was my only way to live. I read quotes, biographies of some of the greatest and wisest men to ever live.

Heaven and Hell? I thought it was a metaphor to life. I’m sure most people still think this, but that’s not true. It is very real.

I did not fear God and that led me further and further away from the LORD”s love.

Shifting Into Another Reality

Fast forward, my way of living life as an atheist was not serving me. As I grew up, I started to work on taking care of my own well-being more.

I used to smoke, go to clubs and sometimes drink alcohol (though I despise the taste) to temporarily take my pain away. But when I decided to steer my life in a better direction for me, I stopped indulging in sins.

I had goals and dreams that I wanted to achieve. I want to travel the world, start my own online business and live life on my own terms.

At this point, I already know about getting out of the matrix. My awareness on who runs the world and how they control the masses was extremely high.

Are you like this, too? Did you know about the cruel reality of this world? 

…..but so what?

So what if I knew these things? Yes, I can be aware of it and change my life accordingly so I don’t play the devils game and be a slave, just like the majority.

Once again, so what? 

Does it lead me to the truth? Well, unfortunately in my situation, I still wasn’t able to uncover the truth yet. But I was still thirsty for the solution – the TRUTH.

The truth that will liberate me and also give me the answer that I need and give me peace.

Let me tell you one thing. Satan is very hard working. He does not let opportunities to slip through his fingers. Especially right now in the end times, he knows his time is short so he tries to devour as much soul as he can.

Very greedy, indeed.

Anyways, even when I knew these things, about taking the red pill and not living in the matrix, I didn’t come to a conclusion that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way, the ONLY solution.

What happened was, I got sucked into the world of the SELF-LOVE

My reality, once again, shifted into another. Since my beliefs change, I had to change everything especially my perceptions on life, jumping through realities to find the truth.

I set my eyes on the worldly prize – my goals and dreams. My intentions were to improve myself in every way possible so that I can provide for others.

Sounds good, but it is impossible to not end up being selfish and just thinking for yourself. Trust me, you can lie and deny all you want. Try it for yourself.

Anyways, from there I was introduced to the all-positive thinking world. I entered the self-help world with the use of the Law of Attraction.

When I first found out that you can change your reality and co-create it with ‘God’ (what they call the ‘Universe’), I was AMAZED.

Of course, I bought into the deception. Since I was so thirsty for worldly success, why not? I was so determined to make my goals a reality that I will do ANYTHING.

Affirmations, visualizations, meditations, mantras, vision board etc you name it. I did it all. Well, not all because somehow my inner guidance was telling me to limit myself.

So I only limited myself to visualizing my goals, writing down “I AM” affirmations, meditate and maintaining my high vibration state of peace in order to get what I want.

Here’s a red flag: LEAVE ASAP if they mention anything of the frequency or high vibration state. You don’t truly know where it ultimately comes from. (Hint: demon spirits) 

At this time, my reality and perception on life was all smiles and happiness. Of course, they did tell you that it won’t be rainbows and sunshine.

I guess I got lucky because I was at least taught that we shouldn’t ignore our fears but address them. I know other people who were in the New Age to completely sweep their negative feelings under the rug.

To get straight to the point, I managed to manifest some things that I wanted. I wanted to know more so I delved deeper and entered the world of spirit guides, ascended masters, tarot card readings, reincarnation etc.

I started to also study numerology and its meaning, eventually seeing the same numbers everywhere. In case you did not know, numerology and symbolism is how Satan rules and controls this world through his puppets.

Realities after realities after realities, perceptions after perceptions after perceptions…………………

No matter what I did, I still feel a void within me. Something was missing.

No matter how much meditations, affirmations, visualizations, tarot card readings I did, none of them brought me to the truth.

I felt so overwhelmed by now. Also, I realized that this whole new age teaching is being pushed down by Oprah and the mass media worldwide.

If you are not questioning why and how this happened, WAKE UP RIGHT NOW. Anything that is backed by so much wealth and has a great influence – WORLDWIDE – ALWAYS has a hidden agenda to it.

Remember, ignorance is NOT bliss. It is only bliss because you decide to be blind and turn away from the awful truth.

You think these people or gurus care about you? No, they don’t. You and I are just livestock to them. Money is all they care about. They want to profit off of your ignorance.

1 Timothy 6:10 

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs

If you still live in the world of ignorance, understand that you will pay a HUGE price for it eventually.

Anyways, at this time, when I realized how they are pushing for this whole new spiritual new age mumbo jumbo, I knew something was wrong.

At this point I was into tarot card readings. And one of the readings advised me to find out who I am through past life regression.


Suddenly, I felt this strong nudge that tells me that is going out of line. That it’s too much. And for once, I actually agreed.

It was too far. I knew it was wrong but didn’t know why.

Shortly after, Jesus Christ came to me and saved me. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, I was given ears and eyes to hear and see.

I was BAWLING MY EYES OUT. Tears after tears after tears…..I was sorry. Finally, I saw the truth. Ugly truth of this whole new age lie and deception, jumping through realities to find the truth.

For the first time ever, I felt so much love and support. This time I had Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, as well as the Holy Bible, the Word of God to turn to whenever I feel hopeless.

Walking With Christ: A New, Wholesome Reality

Here’s to another change in reality. But this time, I know it’s for real. Nothing of this worldly things matter to me anymore. I’m not saying they aren’t important but the LORD is above everything else.

Yes, it is tough. My road in life is going to get more narrow and harder for me. But with Christ, anything is possible.

Words can’t describe this beautiful work of the Holy Spirit that can drastically change my life. But when you allow it to, everything that you read right now will make sense.

Jesus then told me that I am not entirely alone. I watched testimonies of New Age to Christ videos and realized that there are other people in this world like me that found the truth.

All in all, I just want to say that it has been a ride of a journey. Since young, I told myself for as long as I am alive, I will search and seek for the truth.

I know that there was more to this world than what has been shown to us.

When all I had to do was open the Holy Bible, I took the long route full of lies and deception. The devil really wanted to keep me distracted till I die.

Jumping through realities to find the truth is spiritually overwhelming and tiring, not going to lie about that….but it is all worth it.

And with that, I will end this blog post with this beautiful verse.

Psalm 91:14-15

“Because he loves me,” says the LORD, 

“I will rescue him;

I will protect him, for he

acknowledges my name. 

He will call on me, and I will answer him;

I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him.”

God bless

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