Shedding My Old Self: Goodbye, Law of Attraction

Here’s to shedding my old self and saying goodbye to the law of attraction (LOA)….. FOREVER. In case you didn’t know, I was using the Law of Attraction to manifest what I want to achieve in my life before I found Jesus Christ.

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To put it simply, the law of attraction means like attracts like. You must be on the vibration of the same frequency to what you want to manifest.

So if we were to put it into practice, this is how the LOA works. Let’s say you want more money in your life. If your thoughts regarding money are negative and have thoughts such as, “Money is too hard to come by” aka the scarcity mindset, then you won’t attract the money that you want……

Madness! This is rubbish. It’s just another method to get people to stray further away from Jesus Christ, our ONLY Lord and Savior in this wicked world. 

Yes, this whole LOA thing is not new although it is categorized under New Thought. LOA is definitely real but the real concern behind it is the spiritual source.

As Christians, we need to ASK ourselves what exactly is this spiritual power is behind the law of attraction. Where is this source coming from? 

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Before, when I was a lost godless sinner, I wanted to improve my life. I became so selfish and only thought about ME ME ME. It was all about ME. Anyone that stood in my way, I will get rid of them.

Deep down, I knew there was some kind of method that successful people in the WORLDLY sense do that got them to prosper.

So I did my research and chance upon the law of attraction. With the LOA, comes with me learning about the power of the mind. Then it led on to me craving for more knowledge and I was OBSESSED with self-help books particularly on the power of positive thinking.

Never once did I ever feel fulfilled or content.

I always felt like I have to read MORE books, find that ONE golden key to unlock the secrets of this world. I was pandering more to my fleshly desires rather than in the Spirit with the Lord.

Anyways, the reason why I decided to talk about this topic in this blog post is because a few days ago, I suddenly remembered that I bought a book on how to manifest $10,000 using the law of attraction (SPOILER: I didn’t manifest $10K)

This is what it looked like.


Front Cover



Back Cover

Now, if you are someone that is feeling offended while reading this because you, yourself ARE practicing the law of attraction in your life, don’t be.

I am just sharing with you my personal experience back when I was practicing LOA. Now that I am a born-again Christian, I also want to raise awareness to fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to be WARY of this LOA method.

Are we cool? Okay.

Back to the story, yes, the pictures shown above is the book that I was reading to increase my skill on using the LOA to manifest what I want, not necessarily 10k but financial freedom.

LOA gurus tend to cherry pick bible verses and take it out of context to suit their own narrative. Once again, I am just reminding you to be cautious of this.

Like I mentioned previously, I eventually became selfish over time and only thought about myself and my earthly pursuits.

I realized that thinking positively all the time trying to match the vibration frequency of the material that I want to manifest is DRAINING.

Basically, I was my own little ‘god’. Trying to manifest things I desire into my physical reality is forcing things MY WAY.

My old self that was very involved in the LOA was very tiring, exhausting and draining mentally and spiritually. Of course it sounds good on the surface but even when you reap the rewards of your manifestation, it either doesn’t last long or you will keep WANTING MORE. 

Constantly watching my thoughts and if there is any bad thoughts I would ask myself why I have it. Overall, it was very toxic for me.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Try it for yourself, and tell yourself HONESTLY how you feel.

Whether you like it or not, our heart at the core naturally is wicked and selfish. This is why when I found Jesus Christ, it was very liberating to know that I don’t have to do this all by myself.

Matthew 11:28-30 

“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. 

When you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you can release all your wants, needs, concerns regarding your earthly pursuits to Him.

No, this does not mean that your life will be smooth sailing or it will be easy. Definitely NOT. 

But you don’t have to carry all that heavy weight on you. That was how I felt when I tried to create my own reality using the law of attraction.

Shedding my old self meant that I have to undo everything that I have learned and trust in the Lord instead. Not easy, definitely isn’t but let me tell you, it’s simple. 

So when I was cleaning my drawer and found the LOA book, I immediately knew I had to throw it away. It was no longer serving me.

This was a short post because I just wanted to share with you on the journey of the shedding of my old self that was heavily involved in the law of attraction.

Now, I feel so light and free. No longer do I have to beat myself up for not thinking positive thoughts and wonder why I don’t manifest what I want to manifest.

That is all, my dear friend.

Take care,

God bless

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