I Have A Confession To Make: I Am Sorry

I have a confession to make for my readers. I want to confess that I was DECEIVED, throughout my WHOLE LIFE. Fortunately, before it was too late, I was saved.

If you are wondering what this is about, I want to let you know this first. No, it’s got nothing to do with the freedom lifestyle. That is fine.

I was deceived and I unknowingly deceived others as well. And for that, I want to make an apology.

So, what exactly am I referring to? What am I even talking about? Why do I have a confession to make?

My friend, if you have read my previous posts before this, you would know that I always encourage my readers to BELIEVE in themselves.

It doesn’t matter what topic I was writing on. Mentality, overcoming fears, freedom lifestyle etc. Every posts that I have written for you up until now, I always encourage you to think positively.

Now, you might go.. “HUH?????? What’s so bad about that?”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should not think positively.

The REAL problem is this. Have you heard of the saying which goes, “Do what thou wilt” by Aleister Crowley?

This saying is from the Law of Thelema which is a social or spiritual philosophy according to Wikipedia.

If you know who Aleister Crowley is and are against him, I think you should already know by now why I have a confession to make. ((The elites including Hollywood celebrities learn from Crowley’s teachings, FYI. That’s how they rule this world.))

Basically, “Do what thou wilt” in simpler every day English translation means “Do what YOU will”. Do whatever you want.

Means you have the power to do what you WILL, whether it’s good or bad. Most likely, you have a different interpretation, but this is how I perceive this saying.

It’s everything to do with the Higher Self involving magick and those kind of things. But I am referring to this law because I have unknowingly used it myself.

It was all about ME, ME, ME. All about what I wanted, positive thinking only and stuff like that. Once again, I’m not saying this is bad but this is just what most “feel good” New Agers do.

It may seem nice on the surface, but deception is real and STRONG.

Ultimately, the ones at the top encouraging this movement knows the real agenda behind it.

Are you still confused? Don’t worry, I will try to explain it simply.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the New Age stuff. I want to make myself clear, I have never bought crystals, tarots, do yoga and those sort of stuff.

Actually, I was against the New Age movement. But like I said, I was deceived. I discovered the Law of Attraction (LOA), If you’ve never heard of it, it means that whatever that you focus MOSTLY on, you manifest it into your life.

For example, let’s say I want to manifest a certain ideal guy. I want him to be handsome, has muscles, is strong, has a beard, tall etc.

So I set my intention. How? There are many ways you can go about doing it. 

I used affirmations and visualization (imagination). Every day, I would think about this desire that I want to manifest in my life.

Then they teach you to let go and surrender your desires to the UNIVERSE or other commonly used term is “Source” which is an alternative term to refer to God but not a specific God. (A trap laid to lure those who don’t believe in a God but are in the New Age) 

I blindly followed through like a sheep, without asking myself…..

“Source? God? Where is this “energy” coming from, EXACTLY?”

I wish I had asked myself the question above at that point of time. Maybe I would have realized sooner what I have gotten myself into.

Let me make this clear, again. I HAVE GOOD INTENTIONS. Increasing your vibration and frequency is also key to manifesting with the LOA.

How? Just identify with the main feeling that you will feel when you manifest what you desire. For me, it was excitement.

So every day I would do something that excites me. I watch videos that would put me in a mood of excitement. Every time I had a negative thought, I didn’t deny it though.

I acknowledged it and say that there is nothing to fear. But most of my days I was feeling excited. Which did improve my life because I didn’t spend time dwelling on my fears and negative stuff.

So it’s not bad at all.. or is it?

Like I mentioned previously, it’s all nice on the surface. That’s why it’s so EASY to trap people into it. I was one of them.

Eventually, I did manifest what I wanted. Was it like magic? Kind of but it took time. However, the process will be quicker if you maintain the feeling and not have any attachments to your desires, just go about your day as usual.

I manifested the exact guy that I wanted – except EVEN BETTER. He had way more good qualities than what I asked for.

I was so shocked. Actually, I manifested this person like 2 days from when I set my intention and completely surrender it.

Bigger manifestations like financial freedom for instance will take longer to manifest but it will come to fruition if you persist anyway.

However, about a month after getting to know this person, suddenly he was gone. He disappeared one day completely.

No, we didn’t have any arguments. But over time, I was left feeling so confused. HUH? Why did he suddenly disappear?

When he came back, I already moved on from him. But we didn’t end well together. He started becoming distant.

Then I manifested the type of guy I desired again. Yes, he manifested in my life. Once again, we just didn’t end well together again.

I was so heartbroken. I always had good intentions and strive to be the best version of myself always, but all of my relationships never ended well.

All along, I felt so empty. There was always a void. I didn’t understand why. 

I realized that even when I have tried to feel good, focused on the good, LIVING IN THE PRESENT MOMENT etc, it was all FAKE.

Don’t be fooled. Those self-help, personal development stuff – everything that has got to do with the SELF  (self-fulfilling prophecy) – ARE NEW AGE STUFF.

Of course, they will say oh you have to align your desires with good intentions blablabla. Like I said, it sounds very good at first.

It doesn’t matter if you have good or bad intentions – YOU WILL NEVER FEEL SATISFIED.

Then they will say oh you have to love yourself first and have no attachments to your desires so you won’t feel empty. I did that, I have tried it.

And no, it’s all a deception.  I call it the..

Subtle Deception

I’m glad that I did not engage in doing tarot card readings for myself, buying healing rocks/crystals, incense, opening my third eye, kundalini spirit, lucid dream, astral projection, past lives, reincarnation, Indigo child, lightworker etc all that bullcrap.

I only limited myself to doing affirmations, thinking positively, visualizations, setting my intentions and letting go. Oh and also I was into Angel Numbers as well. To look for synchronicity.

I am glad to say that Jesus Christ, the Son of God is my Lord and Saviour. Thank you. 

This might be hard to understand and make sense at first. It’s okay, you don’t have to for now. I have so much to tell you regarding this whole New Age stuff.

Don’t worry, I will make future blog posts regarding this.

But for now, I just want to say that I am sorry. Because I have unknowingly deceived you, my readers, for teaching you that you should think positively and encouraging you that you can do what you WILL – do whatever you want.

I feel like I have the responsibility of making an official apology. And for this, I truly apologize.

Until then, 

Take care

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